A Touch of Feminine…

feminine interior styling

  Feminine can mean so many different things to so many different people, and it’s all relevant. For me, these styling notes of pink and cozy comfort whisper it and I say, “Yes, please!” Of course, I’m chiming back in with my admiration for stripes and so you can imagine how nice this whole situation […]

Because, Pink…

A bouquet of pink roses

The world is off its rocker, now’s a good time to inhale the beauty and comfort of pink. Quiet or bold…it’s always emotive… And even at its most subtle, it sings…   pc 1 / Slim Aarons / 3

The Beauty of Wallpaper

feminine wallpaper

Wallpaper is for every mood, every room, every era. These days interior design has thankfully made a resurgence with its love for this traditional and lovely and innovative decor element and yay for that! Add it to a cozy nook, a nursery, a grand dining room, and…(dream it up!) ps 1 / 2 / 3 […]

For the Love of Stripes

striped light fixture

Stripes in interior (and exterior…fun!) styling and design lends to instant elevation. Vertical stripes visually expand the height perception of a space, while horizontal stripes expand the perception of its width. But now, as we enter the Summer months, don’t you agree that stripes = summertime? Carefree! Spirited! Darling! Classic! Here’s some more inspiration for […]

Draw on Walls

Helmed from old world charm that celebrates provincial with a splash of wild and free, I love a good bedroom situation that is both quiet and amplifies inspiration. The visceral connection to the here and now is wonderful. This from Jean Cocteau, La Villa Santo Sospir.

In Which Light Catches

I will never not be a fan of when the melding of texture and color catches the light…or…when the light catches color and texture? Or, maybe more accurately, when they align. The resonance is spellbinding, don’t you think? What a trip. Photo source | Designlovefest