Mid-Century Vintage Design

I’ll admit the shame I feel from not having sufficiently appreciated mid-century design until a few years ago. Not to be mistaken for mid-century modern, I prefer the clean sweep and the airy strength of lines and curves associated with this era of interior architecture and accent objects. Some inspiration…

 mid century dining room

This dining room design made me gasp…the styling is a perfect balance of grounding and airy (plus I’m very into this green lately…as you may have seen in previous posts!)

Funny fact: I’ve recently gone back through some of my art books and noticed that I had several I had forgotten about (a con of having loads of books), including Paris/New York Arts Yearbook 3 from the 1950s. It features artists such as Milton Avery, Ellsworth Kelly, and Vieira da Silva and I can imagine most of their art as showcase possibilities in these room designs…

And can we talk about these lanterns that are having a trending moment? The classic delicate and graceful styles have evergreen endurance.

Again with the green (it’s so welcoming and calming) and the bamboo accents next level the peaceful tone of the space. A nod to the eternal beauty of Japanese details. Lovely.


Credits: (in order from top to bottom image) Jorge Khawam, Lucy Williams Home, Domino Mag via SF Girl by Bay, and  Jorge Khawam

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