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Light & Muse is a source of creativity, design, and styling inspiration for a more harmonious life.

A portion of profits is donated to local, national, and global organizations that help communities thrive.

L&M offers 4 ways to think outside the box, rev creative juices, integrate design and styling solutions, and open your senses to the beauty around you.


Your Weekly Inspiration

Catherine Masi, Light and Muse

Each Friday, you will receive (straight to your inbox) life enhancing design, styling, feng shui, and creativity tips. I’ll also share eye candy inspiration, curated links to products that will bring ease and beauty, and a once a month fun Q&A podcast responding to readers’ questions. Just $6/month to inspire a more beautiful, elevated life.


Design & Organization Services

Choose from on-location interior design, styling, feng shui, and organization services that will create a more harmonious flow and elevated haven for solo living, family dynamics, or workspaces.


Curated Decor Storefronts

Shop Light & Muse curated storefronts, including stunning home decor, organization, creativity, inspiring design & styling solutions, and beautiful books for all ages.


Diy Design Guides

These self-paced, fun, engaging, downloadable design and styling guides are jam packed with impactful solutions, creative insight, juicy ideas, and easy tips to elevate your living experience. Choose from Home Healing, Elevate Your Color Story, Elevate Your Space, and Elevate Your (Small) Space.