Catherine Masi, Light and Muse

Thoughtful design inspires a harmonious life... 

It all begins with a spark of inspiration and guidance so you can elevate and transform your space and elevate and transform your life experience.
I’m here for you with a creative nudge and impactful solutions.

A two hour on-location styling session: $400 


space assessment of design challenges and suggestions, create a balanced *feng shui layout, style in a more harmonious design flow 

A one hour on-location *feng shui session: $200 


space assessment to address area-specific life challenges, create a balanced *feng shui energy flow, fresh styling of the space, a simple (downloadable+ printable digital) feng shui guide to refer back to

*What is feng shui? 

Feng shui ("wind/water") is a traditional Chinese practice of harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment by harnessing energy forces, arranging objects to create balance with the natural world. By doing so, Light and Muse combines the traditional alignment of the eight directions with associated elements and intentional design. Each direction (North/Northeast/South/Southeast, etc) relates to areas of life: Love & Relationships, Children & Creativity, Travel & Synchronicity, Career & Life Path, Education & Knowledge, Family & Community, Wealth & Prosperity, and Fame & Reputation. L&M will create the groundwork and styling to create a more harmonious flow in your home, work space, and life.