The Uplifting Power of Floral Wallpaper

If you follow Nicki Sebastian, you’ll know her inspiring talent and appreciation for life. (I own a print of her “For Jesse” photograph -shown on the wall above- and it’s pretty special.) Her photography effortlessly captures life’s joys in such tender ways. So when Domino did a house tour feature on her floral-decked home, I ooooo’d and aaaahhh’d through the scroll. The title of the feature is “Flowers Got This L.A. Photographer Through 6 Months in the Hospital, So She Made Her Home an Ode to Them” and I think everyone should get a hit of the beauty. Here ya go…

I dream of a home where I can add different floral wall paper in every room. Life affirming, a powerful ode to blooming and the resurgence of living with aspiration.

Here’s the full article…Enjoy!

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