Elevate Your Color Story – Design Guide (downloadable + printable)


The power of color to style your personality into your home… Color is a vast subject and goes volumes beyond. But there are color basics that are key to harmonious space design and I’ll share them here in this 30+ page downloadable and printable styling guide.​

Need a bit more guidance when it comes to styling color in your small space? This is a guide of insights, to-dos, and tips for making the very best of color to enhance the visual perception and experience of your space.​

MODULE ONE: The Color Wheel – A Beginner’s Guide (Includes: Harmonious Color Schemes, Warm vs Cool Colors, Color Story Tips)

MODULE TWO: Color Psychology and Dispositions (Includes: Choosing Your Colors, Color Personalities, Color/Room Suggestions)

MODULE THREE: Color Tips for Interior Styling and Design (Includes: Color Tips for Elevating Interior Spaces, Smart Paint Colors for Interiors, Styling with Color)