Elevate Your Space guides bundle

Design Guides bundle

All three Design Guides for $77 (Value $141)

What you get: (Printable Digital guides)

Elevate Your Space | DESIGN GUIDE ($47 value)

An inspired 47 page- downloadable and printable- guide to take what you already have and design in new spirit to refresh, elevate, and inspire a more harmonious space and life.

This 6 module guide is a fun and engaging roadmap of my own interior design process- for a fraction of my 1:1 design rate- in a tidy framework.

Elevate Your (Small) Space | DESIGN GUIDE ($47 value)

What is the #1 styling request I receive? Design tips for small spaces, please!

Confined and uninspired no more! This 3 module, 45 page- downloadable and printable- mini-course book will guide you to elevate your space design and next level your life.

Elevate Your (Small) Space

Module One – Tried and True: Tips for Designing Small Spaces(Assessing the Purpose of the Space, Top 9 Design Solutions, Key Design Mistakes to Avoid)

Module Two – Color Story: How to Use Color in Small Spaces(Warm vs Cool Colors, Choosing Your Color Story, Trick the Eye with Color)

Module Three – Double Duty: Storage and Design Hacks (Double Duty Pieces, Shelving Magic & Lighting Tips, Room by Room Hacks)

BONUS – Tips for Outdoor Spaces and Paint Colors for Small Spaces

Elevate Your Color Story | DESIGN GUIDE ($47 value)

The power of color in interior design and styling… Color is a vast subject and goes volumes beyond. But there are color basics that are key to harmonious space design and I’ll share them here in this 30+ page styling guide.

Need a bit more guidance when it comes to styling color in your small space? This is a guide of insights, to-dos, and tips for making the very best of color to enhance the visual perception and experience of your space.

MODULE ONE: The Color Wheel – A Beginner’s Guide (Includes: Harmonious Color Schemes, Warm vs Cool Colors, Color Story Tips)

MODULE TWO: Color Psychology and Dispositions (Includes: Choosing Your Colors, Color Personalities, Color/Room Suggestions)

MODULE THREE: Color Tips for Interior Styling and Design (Includes: Color Tips for Elevating Interior Spaces, Smart Paint Colors for Interiors, Styling with Color)

5 Ways to Elevate Your Space