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Elevate Your Color Story: Designing Your Personality into Your Home

The power of color in interior design…

Color is a vast subject and goes volumes beyond. But there are color basics that are key to harmonious space design and I’ll share them here in this 30+ page styling guide.

Need a bit more guidance when it comes to styling color in your small space? Elevate Your Color Story is a guide of insights, to-dos, and tips for making the very best of color to enhance the visual perception and experience of your space.

- Catherine

The Color Wheel
a beginner’s guide

The color wheel is a beautiful visual guide to help create an inspiring color scheme where your eye can travel and take in the story of your space.

Color Psychology and Dispositions

Which colors are you drawn to when you think about the purpose of your space?

Color Tips for Interior Styling and Design

Golden Tips for Designing in Color…



inspired, elevated, gain clarity, stay aligned with opportunities, enjoy a more harmonious home and life, experience more peace, calmer energy, eager anticipation for next stage, excitement in life…


These courses are… for anyone starting with a blank space. if you are wanting to transform a space with purpose that has been stagnant or overrun for too long. those who are tapped into their own style but could use a next-level refresh to breathe new life into a space, anyone desiring to begin a new stage with self, family, or career.

The Elevate Your Space courses are designed with three to six modules, but the best part is that you have lifetime access, so you can jump in at any time AND revisit when you need a refresh!

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Then, you’re exactly in the right place! The course will break down some dreamy tools so you can design the space you truly love, even if your talents lie elsewhere. All the support and tools you need are right here!

Oh yes! I love a payment plan! I want you to feel comfy when you sign up, so I have created a three month payment plan for the main Elevate Your Space video course (both payment options on the course page) and also offer even more affordable printable course ebooks for added flexibility as you create your dream space!