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Design Consultation : on-location or virtual   $500 

Includes space assessment, on-site suggestions, a personalized follow-up report with detailed solutions(including product links) for you to implement, basic feng shui layout, and a follow-up Q&A and style refining session. 

Here’s what to expect:

1. No need to clean or straighten anything prior to my arrival. In fact, leaving everything as is will help me to see where things are stuck and we can dive in based on that as well as your intake questionnaire notes.
2. I begin by assessing the space and then mapping out its feng shui for foundational layout purposes.
3. We’ll have an hour (give or take!) together, in your home or office. This time will be used to determine a more harmonious flow to the space and begin to solve key challenges. 
4. After the in-home or in-office consultation is complete, I will draft a detailed follow-up report with design and styling solutions, focused inspiration, and direct product links based on what we discussed up to that point and share further suggestions for you to implement. I will email you the completed report within 3-5 business days.
5. Should you have additional follow-up questions or would like design modifications specific to this project, you are welcome to email any questions for up to a week following the consultation. I will respond within 24 hours, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. If you leave a message during the off days/hours, I will respond the following business day.
6. If you would prefer a follow-up session after you have implemented suggestions from the followup report, I am happy to offer 30-60 minutes to refine your space’s design and styling. (Included in the consultation fee)
Should you wish to have more time for follow-up onsite design styling and organizing beyond that 30-60 min post-report (for Design and Feng Shui Consultation clients only)- $75/hour

Feng Shui Consultation : on-location or virtual


Includes space assessment for traditional feng shui layout and a personalized follow-up report with feng shui specific suggestions for you to implement.

(Breakdown as in Design Consultation above)

Calming Peace

Vibrant Energy

Warm Approachability